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Health Benefits Of Jasmine

Health Benefits Of Jasmine

1. Boosts Immunity and Fights Fever

The medicinal uses of jasmine are well-documented. The active compounds found in Jasmine are linalool, benzoic acetate, indole, jasmon, salicylic acid, alkaloids. In natural medicine, jasmine is used to enhance the immunity of the body as well to fight fever.

2. Jasmine Tea Treats Stress

In Chinese medicine, the flowers are brewed to prepare herbal teas. The Jasmine tea is known as sanpin cha in Okinawa, Japan. The tea is known to be useful in the treatment of anxiety, stress, sunstroke, and other infections.

3. Cures Oral Problems

The leaves are used in the treatment of mouth diseases such as tooth pain, infection in gums, etc. Apart from this, it assists in the treatment of headaches, skin rashes, corns on the feetincreasing sperm production, etc.

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