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Aloe Vera Face Pack For Fair and Clear Skin Naturally

Aloe Vera is also known as the “miracle plant” for its medicinal and skin care properties.This plant contains a magical gel known as Aloe Vera Gel that have been widely used as a natural cosmetic to eliminate different skin problems such as skin pigmentation, discoloration, sun tan, sun rash, premature aging, acne, pimples, dry peeling skin, dark spots, pimple marks, acne scars and other common skin related problems.Aloe Vera Gel blended with other natural ingredients delivers amazingly glowing, fair and radiant skin.
Ingredients You Need – Aloe Vera Gel, Milk & Sandalwood Powder.
Make a paste of 1 Tbsp of aloe vera gel, 2 Tbsp of cold milk and   a tbsp of sandalwood powder.Apply this pack on your face and neck.Leave for 20 minutes and then wash off with cold water.
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