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How to Wash Your Hair—The Right Way in tamil

Comb- Comb or brush your hair before washing it, as opposed to after. This ensures that all tangles get removed before the wash, ensuring lesser breakage in the wash. It is a very bad idea to comb the hair after the wash, as wet hair is weaker than dry hair and it could end up causing more breakage.

Water temperature- Regulating the water temperature is very important. The first rinse should always be with warm water. The final rinse should always be with cold water. This makes sure the hair stays shiny and retains moisture.

Shampoo- Use a shampoo that's as gentle as possible. It should be free of sulphates and have a very mild fragrance. Baby shampoo actually works really well on adults too. And it's great. Because it has been made for babies, you know it won't have too many chemicals at all. And ensure that the shampoo remains near the scalp and doesn't get too close to the ends.

 Conditioner- It is extremely common for people to skip the conditioner for some reason. It is because either we are in a hurry or just because we don't understand the significance of conditioning. We cannot stress enough on the importance of a conditioner. The ends of your hair don't receive enough hydration and thereby it's absolutely imperative to condition them. Make sure that the conditioner does not reach the scalp, as this could make the scalp oilier and greasier.

Always ensure that the final rinse is with cold water! I hope this post gets you closer to bouncy, shiny and beautiful hair.

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