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Use Onion Skin To Stay Healthy!

The onion skin is always thrown in the bin but do you know the benefits of this brown skin on your health? The brown onion skin and its external layers are rich in fiber and flavonoids and the onion bulb contains sulfurous compounds and fructans which have health benefits. 

Onion waste includes the dry brown onion skin, outer layers, roots and stalks. Therefore, production of onion waste is high. It is very crucial to utilize all the benefits of the vegetable. Use onion waste as a natural source of ingredients which has high functional value due to the compounds which make it beneficial for the health.

 According to the researches, eating the onion skin and layers reduce the risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases, colon cancer, gastrointestinal problems, obesity and type 2 diabetes. The phenolic compounds in onion prevent coronary diseases. The anti-carcinogenic properties and high level of compounds make dry onion skin and the outer layers of the bulb an antioxidant.

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