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Drink These Herbal Teas For A Healthy Life

Mint Mint tea is refreshing and has many medicinal benefits too. It has abundant antioxidants, prevents bloating and helps in digestion as well. It helps in reducing fever and helps to tame anxiety. Mint is refreshing and has many medicinal qualities. Crush a few fresh mint leaves in boiling water. Add tea and let it boil. Add honey or sugar. And, there you have a delicious and healthy tea! It is great to taste and comes with health benefits too, doesn't that sound perfect?

Ginger is another great herb that can be added in your everyday cuppa to make it healthier and tastier. It has a slight spicy taste to it making it a treat for those of you who are fond of masala tea. You can add cardamom and clove to it to give a masala tea flavour. You can either add ginger root or powder to your cuppa for an amazing tea experience.

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