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Bad Habits That You Must Break During Periods

1. If you're wearing the same pad for the whole day, it can cause vaginal infections and produce a bad odor. Change your pad in every 3-5 hours, whether you're bleeding heavily or low. 

2. Avoid giving more pain to your body. You're already experiencing menstrual pain, so avoid doing things that can give more pain like waxing or planning a root canal

3. If you're having unprotected sex during periods, there are high chances of getting infections. Therefore, avoid sexual intercourse during periods. 

4. Doing rigorous exercises during periods will harm your body and give strain to the body

5. You're already losing a lot of energy and blood from your body. Therefore, it is not advisable to skip meals during periods. You should take three proper meals along with some snacks in between. 

6. If you get cravings for food in the middle of the night, avoid that as it is not good for the body and also your body will not be able to digest all the greasy food that gets in. 

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