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Weight Gain Food to Gain Weight Fast in tamil

Body grow outside of the gym when you eat food with proper rest, not in the gym. So diet is the determining factor for your weight gaining success. Here is a list of the top calorie-dense foods which you should be included in your diet as a hardgainer, or anyone who wants to add extra muscle pounds on their body.

1. Cereals                                                     9. Dark Chocolate
2. Oatmeal                                                  10. Yogurt
3. Pasta                                                       11.  Ice Cream
4. Whole Bread                                          12. Butter
5. Sweet and Mashed potato                      13. Vegetable Oils
6. Brown rice                                             14. Nuts, Peanuts, Almonds
7. Peanut Butter                                         15. Beans
8. Cheese                                                   16.Banana

To conclude, be sure to add in these super foods into your diet if you want to gain weight mass as quickly as possible. The trick is to eat a balanced, healthy and natural diet. Spread 5-6 small meals evenly throughout the day to ensure that you are getting enough calories. As a hardgainer, you need to eat even if you do not feel hungry, as you need to overcome your naturally high metabolism rates. You have to force your body to adapt to the new calorie intake so that it can grow.
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